Tea, Coffee, Sandwiches, Healthy Meals, Snacks and Desserts

Tea and Coffee Selection

Bubble Tea

Indulge in our signature Boba Teas, featuring a variety of flavors and toppings to suit every taste bud.

Thai Tea

Experience the rich and creamy delight of our authentic Thai Tea, a true classic with a refreshing twist.

Karak Tea

Enjoy the comforting warmth and aromatic spices of our Karak Tea, perfect for a cozy afternoon pick-me-up.


Wake up your senses with our freshly brewed coffee, made just the way you like it.

Meals and Desserts Selection

Healthy Meals

Nourish your body with our selection of wholesome and flavorful meals, crafted with fresh ingredients and packed with nutrients.


Sink your teeth into our delicious sandwiches, featuring a range of fillings and breads for a satisfying meal on the go.


Treat yourself to something sweet from our tempting dessert menu, featuring cakes, pastries, and more to satisfy your cravings.


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Phone: 785-3103